It is not only our closely regarded friends that have depth, but also the stranger. In the city, we experience our neighbors by brief glances. From a single look we draw a myriad of conclusions based on stereotypes and assumptions. We have been told that staring is impolite. Yet, sometimes we desperately wish we could stare a bit longer, take in someone's face, to know where that person just came from, where or whom they are going to visit next.

Sometimes, to meet a person, all you need to do is ask (they might even agree to become part of your experimental documentary). It is through our connections with one another that we have the best opportunity to learn and grow.

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Short Film: People who didn’t meet

Password “interact”

1 - 29 June Talking Portraits

Giant portraits create a presence in Parc de Bruxelles. The stories are explored in the corresponding film.

Alexandra Wuzyk Brussels

2nd LIVE PAINTING 12 June 12:00AM

3 - 10 June The Artist Invites You to participate

in an open studio in the Ravenstein Gallery where I collect the portraits and stories of different people in Brussels. The sketches create an evolving collection of faces on the window.


10 June 19:00pm CLosing event! Faces Meet Faces

Film screening and social experiments - all those who have been drawn are invited to come and meet each other, and we provoke new interaction between people of different backgrounds.

a human interaction alexandra
a human interaction
A human Interaction


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