Talking portraits

Talking Portraits is a combination of painting and film aimed at creating a connection between a viewer and the inhabitants of Brussels. The project explores different ways to present identity, in an outdoor exhibition of four large format portraits coupled with short films (accessible online) which bring the viewer into the spacial environments these people inhabit, following personal habits and daily routines. The exhibition invites us to question the superficial impressions we form of people in city life.

Through the support of the VGC, and BXL makers, this project will be realized in between Feb - May 2019 and be publicly exhibited for the first time in May-June 2019 in Parc de Bruxelles (Warandepark).

The project will continue its evolution indefinitely and it’s future includes soundscapes as portraits, exploration into documentary film, different exhibtion layouts, social experiments and exploring the lives of a greater variety of people.

mood and inspiration

Portrait Reference: Giganto, a street art/photography series by Raquel Brust in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Structural design for freestanding outdoor portraits with audio